Paula Abdul's Anti-Aging Secrets

At age 50, superstar Paula Abdul has never looked nor felt better in her entire life. Here, she shares her age-defying secrets to help you stay healthy and young.

Paula Abdul's Anti-Aging Secrets

Paula Abdul, the choreographer, singer and former American Idol judge, rose to fame over 30 years ago. However, along with her many successes, she was secretly struggling with a chronic pain condition called Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Syndrome (RSD) that first began with a cheerleading accident she experienced in her teens. This painful condition manifests as unexplained intense pain caused by damaged nerves, placing the body in a state of constant inflammation. It took years of surgeries and other treatments before Paula was properly diagnosed with RSD. For more on RSD, click here.

In general, everyone can benefit by decreasing inflammation, which is tied to many diseases more common than RSD, such as diabetes, irritable bowel disease, arthritis and cancer.

Here are some ways to control inflammation in your body:

  • Take omega-3 fatty acids.
  • Eliminate or, at least, cut down on alcohol, nicotine and caffeine.
  • Try to adhere mainly to a plant-based diet.
  • Replace refined sugar with healthy sugar substitutes, such as stevia.
  • Increase your vitamin B12 intake with a supplement or B12-rich foods, such as poultry, seafood and eggs.

In coping with her illness, as well as staying on top of her game as a performer, Paula has learned a lot about diet, supplements and health. Now, she wants to help other women look and feel their best. Here are some of her top beauty and health secrets.


Paula Abdul’s Favorite Age-Defying Secrets


Paula’s Comforting Green Drink

Drink this soothing, nutrient-dense beverage every morning or whenever you want a healthy snack. It will fill you up and help reduce inflammation.


1 cup chopped fresh kale

1 cup chopped fresh or frozen spinach

1½ tbsp hemp seeds

1 tsp chia seeds

½ avocado

½ banana

½ apple

1 cup coconut water

A few drops of stevia for added sweetness (optional)


Combine all ingredients in a blender and serve over ice.

Pomegranate Seeds

Paula has loved munching on pomegranate seeds ever since she was a kid. Packed with phytonutrients, these tasty gems are low in calories and can help keep your skin looking radiant and youthful. That’s because pomegranate seeds contain ellagic acid, which preserves collagen and fights free radical damage. 

Eat a half-cup of pomegranate seeds each day to satisfy your sweets cravings and reap nutritional benefits. To avoid staining your hands, submerge the pomegranate in a bowl of water and break it open to remove seeds.

Supplements: Fembody™ Nutrition Hair, Nails & Skin Activator and Advanced Bone Activator

Paula is the paid spokesperson for the Fembody supplement line, designed specifically to meet women’s health and beauty needs.

Paula loves the Fembody Nutrition Hair, Nails & Skin Activator that contains an array of nourishing ingredients including bamboo extract, a rich source of silica, an essential nutrient in keeping hair and nails healthy. Other beauty-boosting ingredients include vitamin B-complex, calcium, zinc, alpha-lipoic acid, green tea extract, and lutein. Paula also takes Fembody’s Advanced Bone Activator with AlgaeCal®, a plant-based source of calcium that’s easy for your body to absorb so your bones stay strong.

Positive Affirmations

Paula believes firmly in building confidence through positive affirmations. Post sticky notes with inspiring messages around your home – over your desk, on mirrors, the fridge, you name it. Here are a few of Paula’s favorite messages.

  • You can’t get to where you want to be unless you can accept where you’re at.
  • Whatever your plans are today, smile, say hello, and open the door for someone.
  • Just “Stick to it” – whatever your goals and dreams are for this day, this week, this year, this life.
  • What you don’t like, only you have the power to change.
  • If you avoid situations where you might be told ‘”No,” how will you get to your “Yes?” This so-called rejection process is part of success.
  • When taking care of others, don’t forget to nurture yourself. You cannot give if you yourself have been depleted.
  • Give yourself a quiet moment alone today and just breathe. Remember, there’s power in pause.

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