NY Med Playlist

Want to hear all the hits from the hot series NY Med? We have selections from the soundtrack right here! Below you'll find the track listing as well as a link to play them all right from your computer.

“Hold Onto Hope Love”- Amy Stroup

“Perpetual Motion” - Gabe Dixon

“On A Day Just Like Today” - Gabe Dixon

“Hold Onto My Heart” - Graham Colton 

“Just How Much” - Jenna Nicholls 

“Thank You” - Jenna Nicholls 

“The Planet Is My Canvas” - John Robinson

“Annabelle”  - Liz Longley

“Free” - Liz Longley

“Unraveling” - Liz Longley

“When I See Your Face” - Liz Longley

“When You’ve Got Trouble” - Liz Longley

“Save  You”  - Matthew Perryman Jones

“Everything I Want” - Matthew Pucket

“Days Like These” - Nick Howard

“Falling For You” - Nick Howard 

“Be Still My Heart” - Peter Bradley Adams

”Between Us” - Peter Bradley Adams

“Emily’s Rain” - Peter Bradley Adams

“Full Moon Song” - Peter Bradley Adams

“I May Not Let Go” - Peter Bradley Adams

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