The Monday Dieter Protein Bowl Cheat Sheet

Make meal planning easy with the Monday Dieter protein bowl formula.

Created by registered dietitian Maya Feller, the Monday Dieter One-Week Flat-Belly No-Bloat plan emphasizes eating low FODMAP foods to prevent bloat and slim down in one week. To make meal planning even easier, print out Feller's protein bowl cheat sheet and mix and match your favorite combinations. You'll be making satisfying and tasty breakfast, lunch, and dinner dishes in no time with the help of this easy-to-remember formula: 4 ounces of protein + 2 cups of low FODMAP vegetables + 1-2 gluten-free or wheat-free grains.


The Monday Dieter

The Monday Dieter Grocery List

The Monday Dieter Instructions: The One Week Flat Belly No-Bloat Plan 

Is This the Key to Ultimate Hydration?

See how electrolytes work in your body.

Is This the Key to Ultimate Hydration?

Whether you're trying to stay hydrated for your workout routine or rehabilitation, recovery and hydration is so important to keeping your body performing like it should. So how do you make sure that happens? You need electrolytes — the minerals that give electrical power to your body. What the video below to see how they get to work inside your body and how you seamlessly add them to your day.

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