Meditation and Music

Find your zen and enhance your meditation with music. Learn why music can be an effective way to deepen and transform meditation. Dr. Andrew Weil and Dr. Deepak Chopra also share playlists of their favorite meditation music. For a simple meditation you can do at home, click here.

Meditation and Music

A regular meditation practice can help bring clarity to your thoughts and purpose to your actions. By attaining both of these things, you may find that you are also revitalizing the body. Meditation has positive effects on immunity, stress management and sleep. For useful tips on making meditation a practical part of your life, click here.

Here, Dr. Deepak Chopra tells us why music is an excellent tool to use in meditation:

"I use several kinds of aids to help people in their meditative practices. Several of the mediations are done in complete silence. Others are contemplative and reflective and yet others use sutras, which is a Sanskrit word for 'embedded intentions and affirmations.' In the sutra meditations as well as the affirmation meditations which are meant to feed the subconscious with transformative ideas, I frequently use music. The music helps to take the affirmations to a deeper level of the mind so that a process of emotional and spiritual transformation can start. There is also some research that the right kind of music can increase endorphins in the brain. Endorphins produce an intoxicating effect and also modulate the activity of the immune system."

Dr. Andrew Weil’s Playlist

“Largo from Xerxes,” George Frederic Handel

“Water Music,” George Frederic Handel

“Minuet in G Major,” Notebook for Anna Magdalena Bach, Johann Sebastian Bach

“Fantasia para un Gentilhombre,” Joaquín Rodrigo

“Canon,” Johann Pachelbel

Dr. Deepak Chopra’s Playlist

From Deepak Chopra’s The Secret of Healing:
Track 2: The Secret

Track 7: Sutras One
Track 13: Sutras Four
Track 17: Sutras Six
Track 19: Sutras Seven

From Deepak Chopra’s The Secret of Love:
Track 2: The Secret of Love
Track 6: The Secret of Intimacy
Track 8: The Secret of Surrender
Track 10: The Secret of Ecstasy
Track 11: Meditation for Attracting and Being in Love

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