Marilu Henner’s Energy Makeover

Actress and best-selling author Marilu Henner claims she has the plan to help you regain your energy! Over the last 30 years, she’s undergone a total health makeover to beat the bulge, look decades younger, and reclaim her energy. Learn the secrets she swears can recharge your body.

Marilu Henner’s Energy Makeover

To fully makeover her body, Marilu Henner became a health pioneer. After years of yo-yo dieting and low energy, Marilu fully committed herself to a health transformation. While she researched new diets and wellness plans, she also tried them for herself. By making herself her own guinea pig, she was able to determine the most effective strategies to revolutionize her health and energy. After years of experimenting, she established a plan that has helped her achieve and maintain a weight loss of over 50 pounds, all while feeling more youthful and energetic than ever. Below she details the secrets to her success that could help makeover your energy level in only 1 week!

Here are the steps Marilu followed to take back her health:

Step 1: Eliminate Soda

Marilu began her journey to wellness by eliminating chemicals from her diet – starting with soda. She was drinking 2 gallons of soda a day and her energy constantly surged and crashed from the sugar and caffeine. After she cut out soda cold turkey, she no longer felt rundown and was able to focus her newfound energy on her health. Try Dr. Oz’s soda-detox plan.

Step 2: Ditch Dairy

Giving up dairy changed Marilu’s life. She maintains that dairy takes her body so long to digest that consuming it left her depleted and ill. Additionally, many dairy products are full of fat and salt, two things that make you feel sluggish and bloated. Now dairy-free, Marilu is conscious to get plenty of calcium from broccoli and beans.

Set 3: Make Lifestyle Changes

Besides overhauling her diet, Marilu took extra steps to reform her health. The first change was to exercise; Marilu still makes a point to break a sweat every day, even if it’s just 10 minutes of speed walking. She also takes vitamins and makes an effort to help others through giving lectures and writing books. Staying busy and productive helps to sustain her high energy level.

The 3 Rules of Marilu’s Energy Makeover

Now 61 years old, Marilu has more energy than she did in her twenties. She says she hasn’t had a cold in 30 years and transitioned through menopause without hot flashes, loss of libido, weight gain or night sweats. She credits her success to eating the right nutrients, which balance her hormones and supply a steady stream of energy.

She manages her nutrient intake by practicing food combining – eating the right combination of foods to fire-up your energy and speed digestion. Marilu maintains that the longer it takes to digest a meal, the more energy your body uses. Therefore, food combining is about finding the best possible groupings of foods to prevent fatigue by streamlining digestion.

Rule 1: Proteins, Starches and Fruits Should Not Be Combined

Marilu believes there are three foods that should never be combined: Proteins, starches and fruits. The reason to avoid eating them together is because they contain components that are mainly digested in different parts of the body. Fruits contain simple sugars, which are first processed by enzymes in your saliva; by the time they reach your stomach, they’re already partially digested. Starches like potatoes, grains, pasta, bread and rice are mostly digested in the intestines. Meanwhile proteins like poultry, fish and eggs are broken down mostly by enzymes in the stomach. Marilu believes that if these foods are eaten together, your body struggles to simultaneously produce the separate enzymes necessary to properly digest the food. The result, Marilu claims, is an extended, energy-depleting digestion process.

To maximize your energy levels, Marilu suggests you eat proteins or starches with an energy-boosting helper. Try legumes like beans, tofu or peanuts. You can also combine proteins or starches with vegetables like cabbage, lettuce, mushrooms and other leafy greens. These foods will speed up digestion and increase your energy.

Put Marilu’s plan into action using her meal plan below:

Breakfast: Burrito Omelet

Start your morning with an omelet with beans and veggies. This meal combines the protein of eggs with legumes and vegetables.

Lunch: Mashed Potatoes and Arugula Salad

Combine arugula with potatoes. The starch and veggies are the perfect combination for a satisfying energy-boosting lunch.

Dinner: Shrimp and Peanut Lettuce Wraps

If you always feel like you are going to bed bloated, this meal will prevent that discomfort. It’s a perfect food combination because your protein (shrimp) is paired with legumes (peanuts) and veggies (lettuce). This meal ensures smooth digestion before bedtime.

Rule 2: Eat Fruit Alone

Marilu is a big believer of snacks. Eating frequently, whether it’s 6 small meals a day or meals with snacks in between, is like shoveling coal in the furnace to replenish your energy flame. For maximum energy benefits, snack on fruits, and eat them on their own.

Rule 3: Eat Your Water – Don’t Drink It

Marilu does not advocate drinking water with your meals, as she believes doing so will dilute your digestive juices. Instead, she recommends eating “wet” foods – like tomatoes, zucchini or red kidney beans that have a high-water content. These selections will help you digest and stay hydrated, a key to long-lasting energy.

Marilu suggests following these rules for 7 days to see if you note an improvement in your digestion and energy levels.

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