Leo Treyzon, MD, MS

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Leo Treyzon, MD, MS

Name: Leo Treyzon

Age: 38

Hometown: Beverly Hills, CA

Specialty:  Gastroenterology 

Place of Practice: Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Los Angeles, CA

Why did you want to become a doctor?

Combination of scientific interest, innovative potential and giving back to my community. Getting to wear scrubs to work every day is a nice bonus!

What sets you apart from other doctors in your field?

I focus on preventive gastrointestinal health, which refers to preventing conditions of the digestive tract before they ever occur. I emphasize food choice, exercise, supplements, mindfulness and other techniques to achieve one's digestive health goals. This includes consuming an individually customized diet, exercising toward one's desired body shape and selective testing to detect early stage pre-cancerous conditions. In my practice we do age-appropriate and genetic-appropriate testing to prevent deterioration of the digestive tract.

What are your 5 tips for living longer? 

  1. Get screened for common conditions: Make an appointment with your doctor to discuss only preventative health. Don't talk about any chronic health conditions or even new problems that day. Use that visit to prevent problems for later. Get a pap smear, check your prostate, get a colonoscopy, get a mammogram, check an H. Pylori breath test to prevent ulcers and stomach cancer and do all the other proven cancer-preventing tests. A few simple tests early in your life will help prevent potential years of suffering. Remember to also develop a digital health record. Provide it for your doctors each time you seem them. Don't worry, we won't think you’re weird if you do that. We will just respect you for taking your health seriously and not wasting our time!
  2. Use Mother Nature's broom: Fiber prevents cardiovascular mortality. Eat a variety of fiber rich fruits and vegetables. That is distinct from eating whole grains. Don't worry about the individual components of what we eat. Vary diet with healthy choices. The details will work themselves out.  
  3. Write it down!: Write down your goals and your progress. Get in the habit of doing this. Be accountable to yourself or to a sponsor. Research uniformly shows that one of the strongest determinants of success in any endeavor is the ability to articulate your goals. Anthony Robbins said, "the only limit to what you can achieve is the extent of your ability to define with precision that which you desire.” Practice point: Take 10 minutes daily to set your goals for the day.
  4. Solve puzzles and play mind games: Engage your brain. Do those annoying crosswords that keep you pensive and engaging different faculties of your brain. Try to solve puzzles. Cognitive decline is arrested by staying mentally engaged. Try to stimulate both your creative brain and your mathematical brain. If you are a creative type, try to develop the analytical side. 
  5. Be present: This one is my favorite. Put your phone down and stop texting! Involve yourself in the day-to-day interactions that are before you. If you’re not going to live longer, you might as well enjoy the life you are living. Live in the present.  

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