This Keto Peanut Butter Bread Got Mixed Reactions & Here's Why

Keto dieters loved it, but I wasn't so sure.

This Keto Peanut Butter Bread Got Mixed Reactions & Here's Why

I grab peanut butter and fruit whenever I’m hungry, and if I’m being honest, sometimes I just eat peanut butter straight out of the jar. So when I came across a keto peanut butter bread recipe, I was excited to give it a try. Peanut butter-based baked goods are historically delicious, but I had never actually tried baking with peanut butter before. Plus the recipe was keto — meaning it was healthy, right? It sounded like a win-win situation to me.

But first I was sent on a wild goose chase to find the natural peanut butter required for this recipe. Do you know what natural peanut butter is? Neither did I, so I googled it. Turns out, natural peanut butter means it's only made with peanuts, salt, and absolutely nothing else. When I checked out the peanut butter jars at the store, I learned that palm oil, sugar, and molasses are just some of the ingredients that are added into most products on the shelf. I finally found all-natural peanut butter (of course it was the last jar I picked up), collected the rest of the ingredients, and headed home to start baking.

How to Make Keto Peanut Butter Bread

There are a ton of recipes for this peanut butter bread floating around and most of them contain just five ingredients — peanut butter, eggs, vinegar, baking soda, and Stevia. I opted to leave out the Stevia because I personally don’t like the taste of it. This bread is perfect for those on the keto diet because it's both low-carb and low-sugar. The recipe was super easy to follow: simply mix all the ingredients in a bowl, put into a greased loaf pan, and bake for 25 minutes.

I noticed that because the peanut butter was natural, it separated easily and I needed to stir it a considerable amount before measuring it out to put in the mixing bowl. I definitely got an arm workout in mixing together the ingredients, but after a lot of whisking, the runny batter started to form into the consistency of cookie dough. I spread it evenly into the loaf pan, popped it into the oven, and waited patiently. While it was cooking, my whole house smelled like peanut butter and it was amazing!

Trying It

The next day, after the bread had cooled,  I cut into it to try it out. It still had the strong scent of peanut butter from the night before, but I wasn't met with the same joy when I popped it into my mouth. The bread was overly dry with a mealy texture and a taste that was both bland and yet repulsive at the same time. And as I continued to chew, the taste somehow got even worse.

I gave it to others to try and all I can say is I wish I had recorded their reactions. The grimaces and sheer look of horror on their faces were met with spitting it into napkins, chugging water, and throwing any food they could find into their mouths to get rid of the taste. One of my uncles said, “It tastes like I’m eating a sponge,” as he spit it out into his napkin. While my friend exclaimed, “If I had to eat moss or mold, I imagine this is what it would taste like!” Even my dad, who has eaten things like fried ants and alligator, said to me, “What did you just give to me? This is terrible.”

I couldn’t understand why it tasted so awful. But I’m glad I wasn’t alone.

But... Those On the Keto Diet Loved It!

I gave it to my aunt who is on the keto diet to try, and I was the most curious to see her reaction. But as soon as she popped it into her mouth, she said “This is yummy!” Everyone else around her couldn’t believe it. Two of my other aunts, who eat low-carb and low-sugar, also loved it and were surprised that there were no carbs or sugar in the recipe.

Turns out, according to research published in 2016 for the National Institutes of Health, that people who are on low-sugar diets perceive sugar to be sweeter if they taste it again. So maybe the opposite is also true; those who have sugar as a part of their diet can’t stand the taste of things without sugar, whereas their low-sugar counterparts find it delicious. This would explain why all of the people who don’t eat sugar thought the bread was delicious and others, like myself, who enjoy an occasional piece of chocolate (or, OK, maybe the whole bar) thought it tasted awful.

So if you are on the keto diet, based off of the reviews from fellow keto dieters I would say go for it! Make the peanut butter bread and enjoy the illusion of carbs with your coffee in the morning. My aunt says it’s really good if you toast it. But as for me, I’m just going to stick with my spoonful of peanut butter out of the jar and save this recipe for the keto-lovers.

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