How to Spot a Fake Celebrity Endorsement

Don't fall victim to scams. Use this checklist to learn how to protect yourself against false advertising.

Celebrity endorsement scams are on the rise. Companies are taking images of celebrities and attaching their faces and names to certain products to increase sales. Most of the time, these ads are scams that are trying to get you to buy a product based on the celebrity that is endorsing it. You buy the product in good faith because you like the celebrity it is attached to, when in real life you just got scammed into buying a product that doesn't work or enrolling in a subscription service you didn't intend to pay for. Follow the two tips below from Internet security expert Christine Durst to make sure you don't fall victim to online scams. 

1. Watch Out for News Sites 

News and media sites do not publish promotional articles and sell products. So if you see a news site selling a product that is endorsed by a celebrity, double check the site. Look at the link to make sure it is actually the website you think it is and don't buy the product until you research it more thoroughly. 

2. Look at the Advertisement 

Take a good look at the advertisement to determine if it's real. Is the celebrity actually holding the product being endorsed? This is a huge red flag. In real celebrity ads, the photos and videos used have the celebrity holding the product and mentioning the product by name. In fake celebrity ads, the product is usually placed near the celebrity, indicating the picture has been edited for the scam.


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