Health Splurges That’ll Save You Money

Being healthy doesn’t have to cost a fortune! You can invest in your health and still save. Dr. Oz has the secrets to help you indulge in the products you love without breaking the bank.

Health Splurges That’ll Save You Money

Being healthy doesn’t have to be expensive. Dr. Oz has the secrets to save you money and keep you looking and feeling like a million bucks. With these money-saving tips, you’ll get more bang for your buck while improving your health!

Yes, You Can Indulge!

Learn how to save more on some of your favorites:

One glass of red wine a day can cost you hundreds of dollars a year, but you can splurge on great wine and still save money. The secret to indulging is to find high-quality boxed wine. This European trend is making its way stateside. Upscale vineyards are now producing high-quality boxed wines from the best wine regions of California, France and Italy. This wine is sold at a lower price; a glass from a box costs only around $1.50, half the price of a glass from a bottle. For an added bang for your buck, a box of wine contains around four bottles.

Wine experts recommend purchasing reds in boxes, because of their robust flavor. France has been boxing wines for decades, so look for varieties from the French countryside, such as Côtes du Rhône or Bordeaux.

Mediterranean Diet
Dr. Oz is a huge proponent of this diet, which includes fruits, vegetables, beans, nuts, oil and fish. The primary expenses of the Mediterranean diet are fresh foods. By purchasing the same items frozen or canned, you get the same health benefits for less money. With more healthy food, you’ll reduce your cravings for junk foods, and the savings will add up. These simple changes have been show to save $30 dollars a week, clocking in at over $1,500 year on food. 

To make saving even easier, apply these strategies to the four key components of the Mediterranean diet:

1. Vegetables and Fruit

Not only are canned and frozen foods cheaper, you won’t waste money by throwing away produce that spoiled before you could eat it. Try frozen veggie steamer bags. They’re just as healthy as fresh foods and are ready in less than 5 minutes in the microwave.

2. Protein

The Mediterranean diet features lean meats and fish. Instead of purchasing fresh fish, choose cheaper alternatives like salmon in a pouch or frozen fish, which is 40% cheaper and is often fresher than food from the seafood counter, where the fish often arrives frozen and is defrosted, despite being labeled “fresh.” You can also get plenty of protein from beans. Try beans in a new way, like black bean burger patties.

3. Grains

Skip the boxed versions of whole grains and buy them in bulk. Try barley, which is as cheap as oatmeal but contains more protein.

4. Nuts and Oil

Buy nuts on sale and keep them in the fridge, where they’ll last up to 6 months. You can also keep them in the freezer for up to 1 year. For an extra money-saver, cook with canola oil. It’s a healthy option that’s half the price of olive oil.

Get Dr. Oz’s Mediterranean Diet Shopping List.

Many people consider massages to be overly indulgent, but you can find a deal that fits your budget. Most massage schools require students to give hundreds of hours of massages before being certified, so many schools offer clinics for students to get practical experience. There, you can get a massage at a discount. On average, a 60-minute massage with a student costs just $20! For people who regularly get massages, this can save you about $500 a year.

Make sure the student is supervised during the massage. If you have a certain type of back pain or style of massage you like best, call in advance and get recommendations.

Beauty Steals

Women spend a large chunk of change on beauty products. Use the following secrets to update your shopping list with effective items at a fraction of the cost!

Baby Powder
Skip the expensive dry shampoo and pick up baby powder at the drugstore instead. Both products use the same all-natural, chemical-free active ingredient – cornstarch – to soak up oil in your hair between shampoos. The expensive dry shampoo brands charge more for packaging, extra ingredients you don’t need, and synthetic fragrance. You’ll save up to $16 by making the swap.

Apply baby powder close to your scalp; put some in your fingers and get underneath the layers of your hair by digging into your roots. Cornstarch is especially good for women with thin hair, which can often appear oily and heavy. 

When it comes to self-tanner for all-over color, products that cost around $9 have the same results as items that cost around $40. Self-tanners use the same active ingredient – a simple non-toxic sugar called dihydroxyacetone or DHA. Expensive brands charge more for extras like exfoliators and special gloves for application.

Choose an inexpensive brand and apply it correctly. Spread the self-tanner onto dry skin with clean hands. Start with your face, then go to legs and work up. Apply to your feet last because the skin there is thin and may absorb too much pigment. Beginners should try a gradual self-tanner, which builds up over the course of a few days so there’s less room for error.

Tinted Lip Balm
At only $3 at drugstores, tinted lip balm looks like the department store lip gloss, but is healthier for you because it contains moisturizers and some have sunscreen. Some dermatologists think the shine of lip gloss could increase your risk for skin cancer on your lips. Plus, lip gloss can cause dryness. Lips have no oil glands, so they benefit from products that hydrate and protect them. Look for coconut oil and beeswax, and make sure your product has SPF 15 or higher.

Beauty Balm
Also known as BB cream, beauty balm acts as a moisturizer, primer, foundation, sunscreen and anti-aging serum. Department store brands can run up to $95.  Instead of paying extra for a brand name and extra ingredients, pick up the product at the drugstore for around $9.

Look for an oil-free product that wont clog pores and contains anti-aging ingredients like grape seed extract, hyaluronic acid and vitamin C. Choose an item with broad-spectrum sun protection, titanium dioxide or zinc oxide.

Stretch Your Dollars!

Save even more by using these tricks to get the most of your expensive items.

Get more out of your shampoo by adding gelatin. Adding a store-bought packet of gelatin helps to double the amount of shampoo in every bottle by thickening it. Simply mix 1 packet of gelatin with 1/2 cup water and about half bottle of shampoo. You can pour the packet straight into bottle and shake it. You’ll use less shampoo in each shower. Additionally, your hair will have more body and shine.

Fresher Fruit
To keep berries fresh for almost two weeks, wash them with a mixture of one part white vinegar to 10 parts water. The diluted solution keeps you from tasting the vinegar. Drain the berries and store them in fridge. Raspberries will last for about a week, and the strawberries will keep for two weeks. To keep bananas fresh for almost a week, wrap the bunch’s crown with plastic.

Non-Stick Pans
After cleaning a pan, pour in a little olive oil and put the pan on low heat for about 5 minutes. Wipe off any excess oil that hasn’t been absorbed. Heating the oil helps fill the small nicks and scratches; this is similar to how you season a cast iron skillet. If you use your pan almost every day, try this one time every couple of weeks.

To further extend the life of your pan, place paper towels in it before you store it to keep it from getting scratched in your cabinet.

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