Healing Baths

Few things are more relaxing than a soothing bath after a long day. Get more out of your soak with these anti-aging baths.

Healing Baths

Discover the healing powers of these baths sourced from all over the globe.

Turmeric Bath

This antioxidant, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory spice is not just popular in India. In Japan, they’ve learned that turmeric helps with arthritis by soothing joints – and it’s even been shown to promote weight loss. Just add a half-cup of turmeric to a warm bath. For more on the health benefits of turmeric, click here

Beer Bath

Though hops are known for being the key ingredient in beer, Germans have discovered their powerful medicinal properties. A beer bath can help with psoriasis or other similar skin conditions. For healthier skin at home, simply add 2 cups of beer to a warm bath.

Seaweed Bath

Seaweed baths have been used in the Mediterranean for centuries. It can help reduce the appearance of cellulite and is an inexpensive home remedy. Add 4 sheets of seaweed to your bath once a week to get the maximum benefit. For the total seaweed experience, pair your bath with the Cellulite-Reducing Seaweed Mask

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