Haylie Pomroy's Real Woman's Guide to Losing Weight

This plan is perfect for busy women to lose weight and master your metabolism.

Many of you know me as the author of The Fast Metabolism Diet, but the bulk of my career is spent in my clinics with my clients. My philosophy is to look at every aspect of your life and transform it to create health and wellness. The whole process is typically very private and intimate.

Don't look for a simple "before" and "after" -- this experience is the "during," and you'll all get to see the whole process unfold.

Weight-Loss Blockers

What are the top things that prevent real women from achieving weight loss and the health they desire?

  • Cravings
  • Cost
  • Time

Sound familiar? Cravings for sugar, salt, caffeine and processed foods can be hard to overcome, and can seem insurmountable, especially if you’re stressed out. Healthy eating can also seem expensive–but I’ve got tips and tricks for making a healthy lifestyle fit your budget. And do any of us ever have enough time? I’ll be sharing time-saving strategies to make sure you have time for you in your day.

4 Metabolism Boosters You Can Do Now

Here are four quick tips that you can use right now to battle all three challenges.

1. Eat a pear the minute you have a sweet craving.

When you crave sugar, your body is telling you something. Sugar is that crisis food, it actually has a purpose. It helps to keep the blood flow in the brain and your heart beating. And so your body needs it because you’re not nourished enough. But if you nourish yourself with natural sugars from fruit, you’ll stave off those doughnut cravings by answering your body’s request. Then even if you do indulge, your body will be able to process that cookie more efficiently.

2.Add grapefruit, lemon or lime juice to your water to stave off salt cravings.

Again, cravings are important. We want to listen to them. A craving for salt typically means that the kidneys need support; we need hydration. Adding a bit of lemon, lime or grapefruit will also help alkalize the body, bringing back our natural pH balance while nurturing that craving for salt.

3. Puree vegetables and freeze them to save time and money.

There are no coupons for vegetables, which is so frustrating as a mom. I grab whatever produce is on sale; I buy tons of what’s on sale, then puree it, filling up freezer baggies and stacking them in a shoe box for protection. Then I pull out those purees and use them in soups and spaghetti sauce. I use them for chili all the time with a bunch of beans, and it’s really, really inexpensive. Blending the vegetables releases those phytonutrientsthe worker bees that are going to burn through fat.

4.Eat whole, micronutrient-rich foods for breakfast and dinner.

Your body rotates between burn cycles and rest/restoration cycles. We’re so crazy busy throughout the day that we’re not taking advantage of those times of the day when your metabolism can actually be enhanced during those rest periods. So focus on the meals closest to your body’s rest cycle: breakfast and dinner. Eat whole foods: a piece of fruit, a couple of eggs, some turkey bacon, a complex carbohydrate in the morning. Your body is already in burn mode first thing in the morning, and if you take advantage of it it’s going to speed up your metabolism throughout the day. And at the end of the day your body goes into rest and restoration mode, so again we’re going to focus on having whole foods at that time. You can have a piece of fruit, some complex grains, proteins, and lots of vegetables.

My Truth Tube Plan for Jeri

For the first two weeks Jeri and I are going to work on the following four things. Join us!

1.   Keep a Reality Journal

I want to learn about my clients and be a part of their personal self-discovery. Try keeping a daily journal: the good, the bad, and the ugly. I like to understand my clients’ sleep habits, their work schedules, their eating trends, hot flashes, periods, moods, cravings, indulgences, and even their bowel movements. The more information we get in these journals, the better. There are always hidden gems in these pages that let me know where adjustments will be easy, or how to exploit opportunities that you might not even know are there. So many times when we attempt to diet or change our health, we try to separate ourselves from our current reality or situation instead of embracing it. We each are who we are and our environments are unique to us. I find it is very difficult to have success if we don’t look holistically at our reality.

2.  Don’t Throw the Baby Out with the Bath Water

Don’t gut your kitchen and throw out all of the ice cream just yet–that just makes you feel sad and deprived. I want you to feel like you are nourished and loved. Focus on what to do, not what not to do. For the next two weeks we are going to begin to lay down a foundation of good, sound nutrition. Remember, chronic dieting slows your metabolism, your rate of burn, so the new meaning of diet for us all is: D.I.E.T.

D (did)

I (you)

E (eat)

T (today)

Did you eat to enhance your health, to lower your blood pressure, to balance your cholesterol and for pleasure?

3.   Build Your Support Team

Your doctor: We’ve scheduled an appointment with Jeri’s doctor. Prior to that appointment, Jeri and I will be discussing how best to include her doctor as a partner in our program. We will be sharing that with you guys. I like to set my clients up with unique ways to engage their doctors to make sure we run the labs we need and get them fired up about the health journey we are on. I want you all to have these tools. I find it critical to have a team!

Your peers: We had Jeri join our very active Facebook community, and all of my “virtual” clients embraced her with open arms. This kind of safe space and support is also where I post tips and ideas and practical solutions to real-life roadblocks.

Your resources: We introduced her to our Pinterest boards, so she could browse thousands of incredible food ideas to begin to visually stimulate her curiosity into my world of food. Pleasure stimulates the metabolism, and having the senses stimulated promotes digestion and opens metabolic pathways to health.

4.   Begin to layer in the basic principles of resetting Jeri’s metabolism.

The goal is not food restriction or counting calories! It is to heal the metabolism so Jeri can burn through food and receive the nutrients for healing the body.

I‘ve asked Jeri to eat within 30 minutes of waking to kick-start her day.

I’ve asked her to eat five times a day: three meals and two snacks.

I’ve asked her to eat every three to four hours, except when sleeping.

You can see a theme here, right? This is going to be a journey about falling in love with food again for all that it can do for your health!

This plan was originally created for Dr. Oz's Truth Tube. See how Jeri is doing on her weight-loss journey.

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