The Hair Detox for Dry and Damaged Strands

Are your locks looking limp and dull? Give your hair the royal treatment.

Have you noticed your hair texture resembles straw more than silk? Are you suffering from constant breakage and split ends? Do you find it difficult to style your hair like you used to? If you answered yes, you are in desperate need of a detox. Luckily, you can find most of the ingredients you need by simply digging around in your pantry.

Holistic skin-care expert Adina Grigore recommends applying a mud mask and a beer conditioner weekly to see noticeable improvements in the texture and look of your locks.

Mud Mask

Made from bentonite clay—which is actually an ingredient found in kitty litter, this mask will clear away dirt and build up that could be clogging your scalp’s pores and causing itchiness and flaking. Worried you'll have to search far and wide for this ingredient? Luckily, you can find bentonite clay at most drugstores. The castile soap in this recipe will help clean your scalp as well, and the coconut restores moisture where you need it most. Make sure to start at the roots and work your way down. This mud mask is ideal for all hair types, but particularly designed for oily and limp hair. Follow these step-by-step instructions to make a mud mask all your own.

Beer Conditioner

Did you know that beer acts as a super conditioner? The B vitamins within will repair damage and even add volume to your hair. All you need is a beer of your choosing, apple cider vinegar, and an egg. The apple cider vinegar will make your hair super shiny and the fatty parts of the egg will provide added moisture. After you deposit the beer conditioner on your hair, wrap a towel around your head and let the mixture sit for half an hour so it can become fully absorbed. For further details, follow this recipe.


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