The Exercise Move to Jump-Start Your Weight Loss

Celebrity trainer Joel Harper has one move that will strengthen your entire body and help you lose weight.

Exercise is an important step in a weight-loss plan because it not only helps you lose weight faster, it also makes sure your body is healthy and keeps the weight off for good. Knee bounces are a great exercise to help jump-start your weight loss and exercise regime. This exercise move has two steps that alternate between a high-impact exercise and stretching to make your workout manageable.

Step 1: Knee Bounces

Get on all fours, with your arms straight and your knees bent. Bounce your knees up towards your torso in a continuous motion. 

Step 2: Quad Pulls 

Stand up straight with your feet together and arms at your sides. Slowly bend and bring up your right foot until you can grab your ankle with your right hand. Keep your body straight and maintain the position through five deep breaths. Switch to the left side and repeat movement. 

Continue to repeat these two moves until you can work up to two sets for two consecutive minutes each. 

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