An Excerpt from "The Orgasmic Diet"

Author Marrena Lindberg shares an excerpt from her book The Orgasmic Diet that discusses why she designed the diet and how she developed it. Click here to read about the experience of 3 guests of The Dr. Oz Show who are all following Marrena's 4-week plan. To purchase your copy of The Orgasmic Diet, click here.

An Excerpt from "The Orgasmic Diet"

If you're like me, with a busy life filled with raising kids, working hard at a job, and trying to keep your house clean, you probably struggle to find the time and energy for sex -- whether you have a partner or not. And even when you do have time, you might, like millions of other women, have great difficulty feeling sexual desire, having an orgasm, or experiencing any sexual satisfaction at all.

You may think that all you need to fix this absence of passion and pleasure is time: time to get a massage, take a yoga class, be romanced by your sweetheart, or take a long bubble bath. That should do it, you believe, listening to the many voices out there who have you convinced that the key to embracing your sexuality is simply mind over matter. Well, nothing could be further from the truth.

I'm not saying female sexuality isn't complicated. We women like to be relaxed, aroused, and seduced -- and sometimes all three. We have many different ways to experience sexual pleasure and can reach orgasm through various means. But the fact remains: if certain biochemical and physical pathways are not working exactly right, no amount of romancing we receive will ever get us to feel desire and achieve orgasm. Indeed a large percentage of women either cannot have an orgasm, have great trouble reaching orgasm, and/or experience little or no libido at all. These women are not unusual; they are actually suffering from female sexual dysfunction (FSD), which is defined as the inability to orgasm or difficulty in doing so, low or nonexistent libido, the loss of sensation and sexual responsiveness, and pain with intercourse. (Pain with intercourse is the only form of FSD not addressed by the Orgasmic Diet; if you are experiencing painful intercourse, it is advisable to see a medical professional.) And according to one recent study, 43 percent of women have some form of FSD; that's 50 million women in the United States -- an astounding number!

The Orgasmic Diet will change all of that.

Not every woman who hasn't experienced an orgasm has FSD; some have just not been shown how to have an orgasm--clitoral or vaginal. Many women come to me saying, "I have never had an orgasm. I wouldn't know the difference between a vaginal and a clitoral orgasm -- I don't even know what an orgasm feels like!" If you are in that boat, don't think you are all that unusual. Most women who can orgasm experience clitoral orgasm, from stimulation of their clitoris (either manually, orally, or using a vibrator). Some rare women are physically unable to have clitoral orgasms, but most are. It you have never had a clitoral orgasm, read chapter 9. If you are already having them but want more and/or want to achieve them more easily -- go on my diet.

Many women claim they have never experienced a vaginal orgasm, and many women say that they rarely feel interested in sex. That's where the Orgasmic Diet comes in. One woman in her midthirties, who has been married for twelve years, said that the most remarkable thing she discovered being on the diet was how the diet affects the body. She commented, "I was amazed at how low my libido was before the diet."  A woman in her late thirties who had very low libido and sexual response (the two main types of FSD) found that after only two weeks following the diet, she had more interest in sex and pleasing her partner. She also said that the diet makes her feel  "more relaxed, less inhibited,  "and that she had an easier time having orgasms. A woman in her early forties with two young children said, "Ever since the birth of my second daughter my libido has felt nonexistent. For the first year, it didn't really matter. But now my daughter is almost two and I am so frustrated. When I started taking the fish oil, I noticed a difference in almost three weeks! It was amazing -- I was raring to go again! My partner was so relieved and grateful -- he had his lover back again."

The Orgasmic Diet is a simple, straightforward nutrition and exercise program that will very quickly (in most cases women feel the effects in two weeks) have you willing, wanting, and able to have sex. In time you will be able to orgasm quickly and deeply -- even during intercourse. Some women have been able to experience spontaneous orgasms, and others can climax within ten seconds of penetration. Essentially, the Orgasmic Diet can make you whatever kind of sexual dynamo you wish to be. This diet has not only worked for me and many other women who have tried it, so there is plenty of anecdotal evidence, but it is also backed up clearly by science. One woman in her late forties recently told me that before going on the diet she was never able to reach orgasm during intercourse.

Within four weeks, she said she and her husband  "went from ending nearly every sexual encounter in tears to acting like a couple of newlyweds." She added, "We have gone from going through the motions quickly three to four times a month to enjoying long, intense encounters three to four times each week! Our kids are coming home from college this week for the winter break and we're really not looking forward to the loss of privacy!" What a change, right? Another woman said that the Orgasmic Diet was so positive that she not only experienced  "improved mood, libido, and lubrication" but also more confidence and less inhibitions."

Nothing short of revolutionary, the Orgasmic Diet is the first-ever scientifically supported nutritional and exercise method to improve libido and orgasmic ability in women. So many books are written today about women and sex, and by far the greatest number deal with ways of getting in the mood or fixing relationships, or offer techniques for overcoming your inner boredom, reluctance, feelings of unattractiveness, or exasperation at how long it takes you to orgasm. And then there are many useful and informative books about technique -- how to give yourself an orgasm, types of foreplay, special positions for sex, et cetera. All these books offer some helpful hints about reconnecting with your inner sexual self or your partner, but none fully addresses why your body is not able to have an orgasm or feel libido. The Orgasmic Diet addresses these problems. How do I know it works? Because I created the diet and have witnessed the life-altering effects it has had on me and hundreds of other people around the world. Just take another look at the testimonials that opened the book! And these women are offering just a taste of the powerful changes in sexual pleasure and desire you can experience with the Orgasmic Diet. This diet not only has the power to give women back their sexual health and ability to enjoy sexual pleasure, but it also has the potential to transform their lives, giving those who try it hope, confidence, and a renewed belief in themselves.

One of the features that makes my diet so different is that it enables you to learn how to have a vaginal orgasm. A vaginal orgasm feels different from a clitoral orgasm. First of all, women experience a vaginal orgasm within their vaginas. For some women, this sensation emanates from stimulation of the G-spot or cul-desac; other women experience a vaginal orgasm in a more general way when the entire muscle cavity begins to pulsate. Because my diet helps improve the connection between vulva and brain, helping women really feel the improved muscle strength, increased circulation, and enhanced tightness during sex, they become more able to have vaginal orgasms.

The Orgasmic Diet will improve both clitoral and vaginal orgasms, just in different ways. Clitoral and vaginal orgasms feel different because they emanate from different places. The clitoral orgasm is experienced very specifically in the clitoris; whereas the vaginal orgasm begins deep in the vagina, but spreads outward in feeling. Clitoral orgasms are sharper and more intense, vaginal orgasms are deeper and more full-body. One type of orgasm does not replace the other; in fact, the more of one kind a woman has, the more she may find herself wanting the other kind. They work together.

The Orgasmic Diet is all about increasing your ability to experience sexual pleasure. A woman who was forty-eight when she started the Orgasmic Diet found it changed her life. Married for twenty-five years and the mother of two children in college, she explained that she had become bereft when she began losing clitoral sensitivity. "Over time it became impossible for my husband to bring me to climax and difficult for me to get there on my own, even with a powerful vibrator. After some time on the Orgasmic Diet, I began to regain a little clitoral sensitivity, but the more remarkable thing was that I started having vaginal G-spot orgasms, including ejaculatory and spontaneous ones. This was entirely new for me."

If you've never had a vaginal orgasm, this diet will change that. If you are already having them, great, but now you'll have them faster and stronger. You can also learn how to increase the ease and intensity of your clitoral orgasm. You can now rev up your sex drive to match your partner's, even outdo him. Wouldn't it be nice to turn the tables and have your partner begging for a day off? Some women on the Orgasmic Diet have reported an extreme response: having a vaginal orgasm from only ten seconds of penetration, no foreplay required, and can keep on having them through the entire sex act. All of this--and more--may be within your reach, simply by following the four easy steps of the Orgasmic Diet.

The individual elements of the Orgasmic Diet are not medically controversial in any way. Each has already been proven to work individually, but the effectiveness of combining them had not yet been discovered--until I did. And although you can find all the scientific data that support the four individual steps of the diet in the Bibliography at the back of the book, no one yet--no scientist, no medical doctor, no sex counselor, no dietitian--has put these four elements together to not only address the main physiological roots of FSD but also renew passion and desire in women's lives. Though the Orgasmic Diet is medically sound, part of the reason the Orgasmic Diet has not been shared sooner is because of the restricted point of view of many medical professionals. In general, FSD is treated by the medical community as a psychological problem, and women looking for help are referred to some sort of counselor, including marital counselors, sex counselors, and sometimes psychiatrists. Of course some of the causes for women's FSD can be psychological or relationship related, and therapy or counseling is appropriate. However, in my experience and research, many cases of dietary and nutritional women's FSD is physical in nature, and therefore women's bodies respond much more effectively to the elements of the Orgasmic Diet. Which is why when patients with FSD consult psychiatrists, they can just make matters worse: psychiatrists more than likely will treat a woman's depression with medications that simply exacerbate the problem.

Doctors are often less focused on nutritional ways to improve female sexual function; the fact is, most doctors are not trained in nutrition. They don't know that fish oil increases dopamine levels. They don't know that zinc and magnesium reduce sex-hormone binding globulin. When I tell them and show them the studies proving these things, many get excited.

The modern focus on pharmaceuticals often prevents the embracing of new, more holistic ideas about treating FSD and many other medical conditions. I have proof that my diet works from both animal and human studies and from the always growing amount of anecdotal evidence from women who have successfully tried it. It works in a healthy, holistic, and synergistic way, and in many ways re-creates the diet prehistoric humans ate. And, it simply makes sense. Essentially, the Orgasmic Diet is based on four essential factors that influence and enable healthy sexual functioning in women:

1. Sufficient free testosterone

2. Balanced dopamine-serotonin levels

3. PC (pubococcygeus) muscle tone

4. Healthy genital circulation

The Orgasmic Diet improves all four of these aspects, enabling high sexual desire and intense sexual responsiveness in the process.

Here's how the Orgasmic Diet works:

  • It raises free testosterone through emphasis on high protein and increased levels of zinc and magnesium in your diet.
  • It balances the levels of two important neurotransmitters regulating women's libido and sexual functioning, specifically dopamine and serotonin, through an increase of the omega-3 fatty acids found in fish oil supplements.
  • It further boosts dopamine (the neurotransmitter enabling women to experience sexual pleasure) with healthy amounts of dark chocolate.
  • It keeps serotonin from spiking and interfering with a proper serotonin-dopamine balance, by decreasing or altogether eliminating caffeine and all-carb meals.
  • It improves blood flow to the genital region with the procirculatory benefits of fish oil, and it increases vaginal muscle tone through targeted exercise.

Disclaimer: Fish oil interacts with other medications in a similar way as aspirin. Both aspirin and fish oil are anti-inflammatory substances and thin the blood; therefore, they may interact negatively with pharmaceutical drugs in similar ways. So it is best to avoid taking fish oil if one is taking a drug that negatively interacts with aspirin. Blood-thinning medications like Coumadin, some hypertension medications, and some other overthe- counter pain relievers also interact with fish oil. Also do not take fish oil if you are scheduled for surgery, are allergic to seafood (of course), or have a defibrillator. This is just a general list; check with your doctor for interaction information for particular medications you may be taking. Fish oil thins the blood and this is where the risks generally lie. If you are taking high-dose fish oil and you get a small cut and notice that it bleeds for longer than normal, you should cut back on your fish oil dosage. In general this is not a problem, even at very high doses, but some people can be sensitive. In rare cases, some people develop compulsive gambling habits and/or spending issues due to the high dopamine levels they achieve from taking dopamine drugs. This may theoretically happen with taking high-dose fish oil, but every person's body is different.

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