Dr. Oz’s Ultimate 2011 Diet

It’s the plan you’ve been waiting for. Dr. Oz, Nike and Sharecare have come together to offer you a revolutionary customized 11-week diet plan. You’ll have all the tools you need to lose the weight once and for all. The best part? It’s completely FREE. Find out how to sign up now!

Dr. Oz’s Ultimate 2011 Diet

Start off the new year with the ultimate Resolution Revolution. For the first time ever, you can get a customized 11-week plan that will guarantee your success in 2011. It’s the first comprehensive nutrition and fitness program of its kind! Follow the simple steps below to get started today:


Assess Your Health

The first step to realizing your goal is understanding where you stand right now. As a starting point, you’ll need to know your height, weight and BMI.

Set Your Weight-Loss Goal

Based on your height, you can calculate your ideal weight. You can track your weight loss on your personalized page to stay focused and visualize your success.

Become a Food Logger

A food log will help you track all your calories and can serve as a real wake-up call. The online version will make it simple to log everything you’re eating.

Join the Weight-Loss Community and Chart Your Progress!

Losing weight successfully isn't a solo effort. It’s done with help from coaches, friends and people with similar goals.

Commit to 30 Minutes of Exercise a Day

Dr. Oz has teamed up with Nike to customize a workout plan especially for you! Join the program now by clicking the button below.

What are you waiting for? Click below to sign up now!

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