Dr. Oz's Mini-Meal Cheat Sheet

The basics of Dr. Oz's mini-meal cheat sheet can be modified for anyone working long hours, making it difficult to eat nutritiously throughout the day and schedule time for working out.

The first part of the plan is a new take on a Dr. Oz staple: automating your meals. For those working long shifts, like the nurses seen on The Dr. Oz Show, eating 6 smaller meals throughout the day will provide constant energy and prevent you from making bad eating choices when you're starved and there are few options.

Each day, bring 6 mini-meals with you. Eat them in the same order so there is no room for error.

Mini-meal #1: Protein

You can choose from a variety of food choices, but your first meal must be a protein. Healthy options include:

Greek yogurt

Lean meats




Click here for a healthy salmon burger recipe.

Mini-meal #2: Healthy Fats

Again, there is flexibility in the kind of healthy fat you can have, but keep the food in the same category. Options include:

Canned salmon (which contains Omega-3s)





Mini-meal #3: Whole Grains

Whole-wheat bagel with low-fat cream cheese

Brown rice



Whole-wheat bread, pasta or crackers

Wild rice

Mini-meal #4: Fiber

Grains and whole-grain products



Beans, peas and other legumes

Nuts and seeds

Mini-meal #5: Metabolism Booster

Salad with hot green peppers

Click here for more metabolism-boosting tips.

Mini-meal #6: Healthy Sweets

Dark chocolate

Click here for a quinoa fruit pudding recipe.

In addition to your 6 mini-meals, each day you must take a vitamin D supplement and a multi-vitamin.

The second part of the 6-pack plan involves getting some physical activity. Even those who work on their feet can have trouble getting in their 10,000 steps. But Dr. Oz's charge nurse at Columbia, Bonnie Archer, suggests parking at the far end of the parking lot, using bathrooms on different floors and always using the stairs instead of taking the elevator.

In addition to finding ways to get yourself moving, you need to let your commitment be known. Whether you enlist a buddy in your commitment to health or blog about it online, communicating your goals makes you accountable.

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