Dr. Oz's Belly Map for Decoding Pain

Need help identifying which organ is causing your pain? Use this map!

Dr. Oz's Belly Map for Decoding Pain

Are you experiencing belly pain? One of five organs is likely to blame. Locate your pain on the map and ask yourself these three simple questions to help decode your belly pain.

1. Where does the pain start?

  • Upper right: If you're experiencing a stabbing pain in the upper right part of your abdomen, gallstones may be to blame.
  • Lower uterus: If you're experiencing a clenching cramp in your lower uterus, it's probably a menstrual cramp.
  • Upper middle: A fiery, burning sensation in the middle of your stomach is a sign that you might have an ulcer.
  • Middle: A tightening or knotting sensation in your intestines could indicate constipation.

2. Does it hurt after eating?

  • If you're experiencing pain in the upper right part of your abdomen that hurts worse after a large, fatty meal, that's indicative of gallstones. You should see a doctor to address this.
  • Anywhere else in your stomach is likely indigestion and you should try an antacid.

3. Does it feel better after you poop?

  • If you experience relief after you poop, you're probably experiencing constipation or IBS. 

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