Dr. Oz’s 60-Second Back Pain Fixes

If you have back pain try some of these Oz-approved 60-second fixes!

By Toni Gasparis 

When your back begins to hurt and the pain never seems to go away, it can be agonizing. Try these 60-second fixes for fast relief.

Comfrey Compress 

If your back pain slows you down and only gets worse throughout the day, using comfrey daily could be your saving grace. Comfrey is an herb that is well-known for its healing powers. It’s one of the easiest at-home remedies for back pain.

The Solution:

When your back feels like it’s on fire with shooting pains, or even when you twist or sprain your back, saturate a piece of cheesecloth in comfrey ointment and apply to the problem area to help decrease inflammation and swelling.

Devil’s Claw 

Lower back pain got you down? Remedy it with the devil’s claw. While the name may sound like it’d harm more than help, devil’s claw is actually an all-natural anti-inflammatory supplement to relieve pain in your back and joints. 

The Solution:

The sacroiliac joint is where the spine and pelvis meet in your lower back. Pain starts at that joint and travels up your spine throughout the day, but by taking 100mg of devil’s claw at the onset you can relieve your pain fast and keep the devilish pain away.

Supine Stretch 

We spend a majority of our days sitting. Whether it’s in the car, at work or watching TV after a long day, our bottoms always seemed to be glued to a chair. In fact, the average American sits for an average of 56 hours a week! This can unfortunately cause a lot of back pain.

Your spinal discs are shock absorbers to help your back stay flexible despite the pressure put on it. When you sit down, the blood flow to the discs decreases and your back doesn’t absorb the shocks as well: This causes pain and stiffness throughout your back.

The Solution:

A supine stretch can help you out! Lie on a yoga mat with your back on the floor. Gently rotate your lower body to the left and hold for 20 seconds to stretch. Repeat on the right. Take a few seconds to do this at your office or at home if your back begins to cramp up: It will increase your blood flow and eliminate your pain.

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