Dr. Oz Success Stories

The Dr. Oz Show has helped viewers just like you lose weight, discover the benefits of a healthier diet, and stop diseases before they strike. Here are just a few of the inspiring messages we’ve received. Are you a Dr. Oz Success Story? Click here to share your story!

Dr. Oz Success Stories

Every day, DoctorOz.com gets hundreds of emails from viewers whose lives have changed for the better since watching the show. In many cases, the show has not only improved their lives, but saved them. We hope that the following Dr. Oz Success Stories inspire you to take charge of your health today.

Holly from Scottsdale, AZ writes:

“Dr. Oz saved my mom's life. My mother saw a show about abdominal ultrasounds for aneurysms, and, since her sister died of one, she decided to get one done. They discovered masses in her abdomen and started her on chemo almost immediately (they had to operate and do a biopsy first). She has finished her first round of chemo, had a PET scan, and they see no active tumors. God bless Dr. Oz!”

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Sha Hair from Arlington, TX writes:

“After Dr. Oz did his colonoscopy on the air, my husband decided to have one done. He is 57. We were so glad that he had the procedure done. He had 19 precancerous polyps. No symptoms, no problems. Needless to say, we are thrilled that the doctor was able to find them and remove them. … [Now] we are trying to eat better, lose weight and, of course, go in for his [follow-up] colonoscopies. Neither he nor I would ever have thought to have the procedure done without this show. Probably saved his life. Thanks, Dr. Oz!”

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Luanne Quie from Greenfield, MN writes:

“After watching the show … about women's heart attack symptoms, I realized the symptoms I was experiencing at the same time may [have been] heart attack symptoms. I was trying to explain it as being the flu and being out of shape. I went to see the doctor and he confirmed I was indeed having a heart attack. Two hours later, I was in the cath lab with a 99% blockage and received a heart stent. I was told later that I had the 'widow-maker heart attack.' I told all the doctors and staff that took care of me that I was there because of The Dr. Oz Show. Thank you for being a very large part of my being alive.”

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Janet Crouch from Wilsonville, OR writes:

“It was late last year [2010] when I was hanging out at my mom's house with my kids, and while using the bathroom, noticed that my mom had feminine pads on her bathroom counter. Knowing that my mom, Connie, now 58, was postmenopausal, I asked her what she had them for. She casually told me that she was having some vaginal spotting and needed them for that. I didn't think much of it. ... Well, a few days later, I … turned on The Dr. Oz Show. … And it was the most amazing timing. Dr. Oz was doing a ‘top three [warning] signs’ list about postmenopausal women. … One [of the warning signs] was about bleeding after menopause, and how you needed to see your doctor right away. Well, I, of course, shared that with my mom. … To make a long story short, she was diagnosed with uterine cancer. The good news was that it had not spread and was completely removed with a full hysterectomy. My mom is cancer-free and doing fabulous all because of Dr. Oz's show. Of course, I do think there was a bit of divine intervention going on, but I just wanted to [give] my deepest thank you to Dr. Oz and the show for doing what you do every day!”

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Deborah Mattern from West Suffield, CT writes:

“My closest friend and I started a healthy lifestyle eight weeks ago. We both exercise daily and monitor everything that we put into our bodies. I started out at 200 pounds and I am 5'6”. My friend is 5'1” and she started out at 172 pounds. We have lost a total of more than 60 pounds between us, and we both have about 20 pounds left to go before we get to our goal. We are middle-aged and not only are we losing the weight and getting healthier, but we are strength-training and we are looking great. … Doing this on our own, with each other’s [help], has given us the motivation to keep it going. Middle-aged women can do it and it’s all about getting focused and knowing you have to do it for yourself. We look great now and we are only half-way there. Thank you for all of your inspirational shows. My husband and I watch the show every day. Thank you, Dr. Oz.”

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