Dr. Oz's Body Quotient Score

Calculate your body quotient and find out if your weight is affecting your overall health.

Dr. Oz's Body Quotient Score

All of us have heard of Body Mass Index, or BMI. The BMI was one of the first efforts to have an easy number that could tell whose weight was healthy and whose wasn’t. BMI looks at two things: weight and height. The more weight you have for height, the higher your BMI, with the idea being that too much weight for height is unhealthy. The problem with BMI? It can’t distinguish what your body is made of. Muscle, bone, fluid, fat – it’s all the same to BMI.

Research has shown that weight distribution is key to knowing whether weight is dangerous. Those who carry most of their weight in their abdomen are at higher risk for health problems that can shorten your life, like diabetes and heart disease. Gender and age also factor in to your risk for these diseases, with men and older individuals at higher risk.

It makes more sense to use all of this information to decide whether your weight is dangerous, which is what we’ve done with the Body Quotient (BQ). Unlike BMI, BQ tells you if your weight is shortening your life based on the correlation between your height, age and waist circumference. Zero or below means your weight is perfectly healthy. Above zero means your weight is threatening your health. If that’s you don’t worry, this site is full of tips and advice to help you lower that number.

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This ABSI calculator was devised by Nir Krakauer, Phd. The Dr. Oz Show makes no representation or warranty about the accuracy or validity of the equation or individual results. The results provided are for informational purposes only and should not be relied upon for medical purposes or any other purpose without consulting your doctor.

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