The Curvy Girl's Guide to Buying the Best Jeans

Tired of ill-fitting jeans? Plus-size blogger and stylist Marcy Guevara shares her tips for finding the best pair.

Women of all shapes, sizes and budgets have trouble when it comes to finding the perfect pair of jeans! Much like a soulmate, they seem impossible to find. When it comes to shopping for jeans and avoiding major fashion mishaps, here are some of my tips.

Know Yourself
First, I truly believe that style has no size and no price. There are fabulous brands that cater to women of all sizes, body types and pocket books. With that said, try to embrace your body type and look for jeans that are most comfortable and flattering. We are not all tall enough to rock a wide leg or confident in skinnies.

Jeans are a staple that you will wear multiple times. Skip out on skimping on them and invest in a pair that fit you well. Though they may cost a little more than a summer dress or cute top, you will be glad you saved up a little extra cash to splurge on yourself.

Embrace Trends
Newer trends like skinnies, for example, may be challenging to embrace, but start slow with an ankle or straight leg pant. Being unique is one thing, but you don¹t want your jeans to age or date you!

Don't Worry About Labels
Just like in relationships, sometimes labels can cause more pressure than necessary!  If you find a garment that fits you well and makes you feel fabulous – but perhaps the size is giving you a bit of shock – cut it out! Every retailer has a different fit and there really is no industry standard. Sizes vary from company to company and have changed drastically over the years. Find a great salesperson and ask for their help finding your size. Wear what fits you now, not five pounds from now or five pounds ago.

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