In Case You Missed It: Jamie Oliver's Secrets to Lose Weight

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In Case You Missed It: Jamie Oliver's Secrets to Lose Weight

Jamie Oliver’s Healthy Recipes

Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver reveals the 4 simple changes in your kitchen that will transform the way your family eats.

1.     Make your own salad dressing

2.     Use seasonal vegetables

3.     Stir-fry instead of deep-fry

4.     Keep a go-to healthy recipe

Click here to see Jamie’s go-to recipe: healthy fish tacos. Click here to see the other recipes Jamie recommends.

Instant At-Home Tests

These simple tests can help you diagnose some serious conditions.

Test #1 - Balance

One-Leg Balance Test

-       Stand straight with your arms folded across your chest.

-       Close your eyes and raise one foot.

-       Bend your knee at a 45-degree angle.

Goal: Balance for 15 seconds or more. Make sure you have something you can hold on to. If you fail this test, keep trying. Your balance can improve with practice.

Balance Test Average Times

Age: 18-39, Time: 9 seconds

Age: 40-49, Time: 7 seconds

Age: 50-59, Time: 5 seconds

Age: 60+ , Time: 3 seconds

Test #2 - Cavities

Ice Water Test

-       Pour a glass of ice-cold water.

-       Take a big sip and hold it in your mouth.

If you feel pain, there’s tooth sensitivity. This could be a sign of a cavity. If you fail the test, go see a dentist.

Test #3 – Carpal Tunnel

Paper Clip Test

-       Bend a paper clip and press each end into the tip of your finger – about 2/10 of an inch apart.

If you can’t feel both ends, there may be nerve impairment. If you fail this test, try a prayer pose for a few seconds every hour. It will relieve tension in your wrist. Click here for a demonstration of prayer pose.

Test #4 – Vitamin Deficiency

The Press Test

-       With your thumb, press on your breastbone (sternum).

-       With your thumb, press your shin bone (tibia) of both legs.

If you experience tenderness or pain from either of these tests, you may be vitamin D deficient. Get tested for a vitamin D deficiency. Dr. Oz recommends taking a daily supplement of 1,000 IUs of vitamin D.

Dry Skin Solutions

Miracle Cure #1


Propolis is made by honeybees to sterilize their hives. It’s a natural sealant and has anti-bacterial properties, which help lock in moisture and prevent infections.

Miracle Cure #2 

Jojoba Oil

Jojoba oil comes from the seeds of the jojoba plant. It’s a great moisturizer and is absorbed quickly into the skin.

Miracle Cure #3

Dragon’s Blood

This bright red resin comes from a tree in the Amazon and is a storehouse of phytonutrients. It accelerates healing and creates a barrier to lock in moisture.

Miracle Cure #4


The acid in this fruit loosens dead skin cells, acting as an exfoliant, revealing new skin cells for a healthy complexion.

How Often Should I Clean That?

Do you know how often you should clean these household items?

Towel – Wash after 3 uses

Loofah sponge – Once a week

Cell phone - Everyday

Is Your Stomach Cramp Actually Diverticulitis?

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