Can This Innovative Tattoo Method Make Your Stretch Marks Disappear?

A Brazilian tattoo artist uses this creative approach to conceal skin imperfections.

Most of us have scars, stretch marks or other blemishes we wish we could get rid of. That’s why tattoo artist Rodolph Torres' streak tattoo method has sparked so much interest (this video on Facebook has garnered 50 million views, and Torres has 1.6 million Instagram followers). The streak tattoo acts as a permanent concealer, brightening dark under-eye circles and covering up marks by matching the skin tone.

But matching it can be challenging. "It's very difficult to capture the exact color of the skin with tattoo ink,” Torres told Brazil’s Glamour. "If the professional misses the tone, when it heals it will be full of paint marks, leaving the client looking like a zebra."

And even Torres’ matching ability may not be a permanent solution. “People need to know that tattoo pigment always changes colors over time,” dermatologist Dr. Elizabeth Tanzi cautions. "The colors fade, so what you see at first will be different several years later. It’s not unusual for people to like the result at first but not like it as much years later, so it's best to be aware of this risk."


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