The Brain-Boosting Foods to Add to Your Diet

Find out what to eat to improve cognitive function.

In recent years, research has shown that what we eat can impact more than just our physical and emotional health, it can play a role in our brain health too. In one scientific study, participants who followed a Mediterranean diet and ate foods with folate, omega-3 fatty acids, and vitamin E were one-third less likely to develop Alzheimer's disease. Author, filmmaker, and brain health expert Max Lugavere also says there are certain "genius" foods to look out for if you want to boost cognitive function. By adding foods like chickpeas, carrots, and yogurt to your diet you can take a step in the right direction to sharpen your memory and improve your brain health. Print out this guide so you can shop for brain-boosting foods no matter where you go.


"Cheesy" Scrambled Eggs

Max Lugavere's Brain-Boosting Smoothie

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