Addiction: Family Mapping

The first step to addiction recovery is asking the hard question: “How did we get here?” As interventionist Brad Lamm explains, there are usually signs and pieces to the family’s history that can help piece together where the addiction came from. Building a family map is a visual way to reveal the good, the bad and the ugly to help a family put together their story.

Addiction: Family Mapping

Brad Lamm challenges every family to build their story and map out their truth. Learn how to create this important resource. Click here to see an example of Brad’s family map.

Could you imagine making 4.6 billion calls in a month?

That's how many robocalls Americans received in February this year. And when your phone is ringing endlessly with scammers asking about your car's warranty, a free cruise, or even a scary warning about your insurance coverage, it can definitely seem like all the calls are going to you. So what do you do when you get one of these fake calls and how do you protect your personal information and money from cons? Here are the important steps to take.

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