The Best Health Finds of 2018

Check out the top trends this year.

Dr. Oz and his team searched all over to find the best and brightest new trends that are going to be popular in 2018. From new and exciting foods to the latest and greatest technology, here is a list of the top 14 products you should look out for. Scroll down to see all the trends revealed -- give one or all a try! 

1. Plant-based fishless fish: These products taste like the real thing but don't have any fish in them. 

2. Chicken crust pizza: Use chicken as a base for your protein-packed pizza. 

3. Mushroom coffee: This drink supports energy, immunity, and longevity. 

4. Everything bagel seasoning: Sprinkle this seasoning on eggs for a healthier alternative to a calorie-loaded bagel. 

5. Bubble clay mask: A carbonated face mask that will make you feel pampered. 

6. Neck hammock: Stretch out muscles and relieve neck pain with this inventive gadget. 

7. The Sneeve: Put this armband on your kid for when they sneeze to kill 99.9% of germs and bacteria. 

8. Jicama chips: At only 100 calories a serving these chips make the perfect snack.

9. Food scale: Use a food scale that connects to your smartphone to weight your food in healthy portions.

10. Sparkling coffee: Give sparkling fruit-coffee a try for an energy boost. 

11. Blackseed oil: Keep your skin radiant with nourishing blackseed oil. 

12. Face brush: Clean your skin well with a vibrating facial brush. 

13. Jibo: An interactive robot that can play music, tell you the weather, take a photo, and more. 

14. Wine flask bracelet: Carry your cocktails with you in a fashionable way -- as an accessory. 


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