The Best Anti-Aging Superfoods of 2011

Find out which three anti-aging foods came out on top this year!

The Best Anti-Aging Superfoods of 2011

We talk a lot about things that help you fight the age battle. And chief among those are nutrient-rich foods. This year, three stood out above the rest, not only for their abundant anti-aging and health-boosting properties, but also for their versatility and taste! Check out these three powerhouse foods. 

Red Lentils

These protein-rich legumes are especially great because they’re loaded with fiber – 1 cup provides about three-quarters of your daily recommendation. Both protein and fiber have satiating properties that help you stay fuller for longer. Lentils are a great substitute for meat, or can be eaten plain by boiling them in water with lemon.


Rich in iron, magnesium and calcium – important minerals for bone strength – this whole grain helps fight osteoporosis. Amaranth is a great substitute for any other grain, like rice, and can be eaten as a complement to a meal or by itself, dry-toasted on a skillet.

King Trumpet Mushroom

Mushrooms have all sorts of disease-fighting properties, and King Trumpet mushrooms are no exception. They’re packed with antioxidants that fight harmful toxins and help your immune cells recognize potential threats to your system. Work two handfuls of these mushrooms into your diet on a weekly basis to get the benefits they have to offer.

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