Benzodiazepine Addiction Self-Assessment Checklist

Get the addiction help you need with this checklist.

Drug addiction is a serious epidemic in the country that in certain manners could be avoided. In fact, some addictions start after a serious injury or medical condition that requires addictive painkillers to help a patient recovery. But sometimes a dependency on this medication can lead to an addiction to not only the medication prescribed but also other drugs as well. Soundgarden's frontman Chris Cornell died in 2017 of what was ruled an apparent suicide, but his wife Vicky has come forward to talk about what was ignored in the autopsy report: the drugs in his system. Vicky believes that his death was caused by impaired judgment from drug misuse after Chris's addiction relapse from a prescription for his shoulder injury. Vicky wants to spread awareness about the commonplace of addiction from prescribed medication. Self-assess and see if you or a loved one has a prescription addiction problem by answering "yes" or "no" to the questions below. 

  1. Have you ever taken benzodiazepines in higher amounts or for a longer period of time than you meant to?
  2. Do you constantly think about or fail at trying to cut down on your use of benzodiazepines?
  3. Do you spend a lot of time acquiring benzodiazepines or recovering from how you feel after their effects wear off?
  4. Do you ever crave or have a strong urge to use benzodiazepines?
  5. Do you ever drop the ball with your responsibilities at work, school, or home because of using benzodiazepines?
  6. Do you have relationship problems because of your use of benzodiazepines?
  7. Do you ever miss important social, work, or leisure activities because of your use of benzodiazepines?
  8. Do you ever use benzodiazepines at times when it would be dangerous, such as when driving a car or operating machinery?
  9. Do you ever use benzodiazepines despite your doctor warning you that it may worsen an underlying medical or mental health condition that you have?

If you answered "yes" to two or more of the questions above talk to your doctor about potentially getting addiction help. 


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Source: Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of  Mental Disorders, fifth edition (2013)

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