Aquafaba: The Trendiest Health Food You Aren’t Eating

Learn about aquafaba, an egg white replacement that is taking vegan recipes by storm.

What Is Aquafaba?

Aquafaba is chickpea water – the water you find in the cans or boxes of chickpeas. This water that’s been soaking in chickpea goodness is a recently discovered egg white replacement.   

How Does It Work?

When whipped, aquafaba has the consistency and texture of whipped egg whites. Goose Wholt, a software engineer from Indiana, discovered this frothy substitution when experimenting with ways to make vegan meringues. Through his research and feedback from an Internet community, Wholt found that although it doesn’t have the same characteristics as eggs, aquafaba worked just as well as an egg replacement in other recipes. While there’s still a lot of research needed to learn all of the compounds of aquafaba, one study found that it contains starch and proteins, and that aquafaba is 1 percent protein as compared to egg whites that are 10 percent protein.

How to Eat Aquafaba

Aquafaba works as an egg substitute in many recipes, but not all. When cooking with it, using one tablespoon for one yolk, two tablespoons for one egg white, and three tablespoons for one whole egg. When whipping the ingredients for your recipe, add the aquafaba to the mixture in the bowl and blend.

Many people use aquafaba for meringues, cocktails, and mayonnaise. It also works well in baked goods such as brownies, macaroons, and cookies. You can even use aquafaba when making waffles, mousse, and ice cream!

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