5 Bonus Fashion Tips From the Curvinista

Learn how to make your outfit work no matter your shape or size, from fashion expert Denise Caldwell.

Clothing brands are embracing and empowering women of all shapes and sizes through style and beauty, and women of all sizes should be encouraged to have fun and experiment with their clothing. Here are ways you can feel confident about what you’re wearing, while looking fashionable.

1. Channel your inner fashionista by wearing bright pops of color, bold stripes and graphic patterns like paisley and gingham.

2. It’s all about the fit! Incorrect sizing can increase the chance of your favorite outfit missing the mark.

3.  For spring, invest in an outfit that will keep you comfortable without sacrificing style. Achieve a flirty look with a structured pencil skirt and peplum blouse. The blouse will downplay feminine vibes, create a waist and flatter your derriere. Something to keep in mind: Three of spring’s top trends include flared denim, jumpsuits and midi skirts.

4.  Dresses can be a great style source for women who balance work, play and family, think of these as your one-piece wonders. To create an hourglass figure, wear a fit-and-flare dress. Look for dress fabrics that skim the body and curve your figure in all the right places.

5. Accessories add personality to your favorite collared shirt or blazer. Adding a belt to your outfit can also help slim a boxy shape and create a waist. Belts that are one or two inches thick are great for cinching. Finish your outfit with a great nude pump. If you’re looking to add some spunk to your look, a fun metallic heel can elongate your legs and create a nice silhouette when paired with a pencil skirt or shift dress.

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