5 Benefits of Bone Broth

Find out why this drink has garnered so much attention.

Bone broth is a type of thin stock that is made from animal bones and connective tissue. It is packed full of nutrients that may be beneficial to your health. From improving your sleep and reducing pain, to helping you get stronger and lose weight, a lot of people have been talking about the benefits of adding bone broth to your diet.  Most of these reports are home remedies and haven’t necessarily been studied, but with healthy nutrients like protein and certain amino acids, bone broth may be worth adding to your diet to see what it can do for you!

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Bone broth has glycine, an amino acid that has been shown to improve sleep in some people.  Plus, who doesn’t like a hot bowl of broth in the evening to ease themselves to bed? And you’ve heard of chicken soup helping to fight colds? Well, the increased sleep you get from bone broth may even help improve your immunity.

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Joint Health

Glucosamine supplements are a common home remedy for those suffering from joint pain.   As it turns out, bone broth has a heaping dose of this ingredient as well, and unlike pills which don’t offer any additional vitamins or nutrients, this delicious broth can improve your joint health while also offering you a whole host of other benefits too.

Weight Loss

If you are craving a mid-afternoon snack and you opt for a cup of bone broth, you may find yourself feeling more satiated than usual and will then consume fewer calories throughout the day. The savory flavor of the broth may trick you into feeling like you ate something heavier than you really did which can also do you a favor in the weight loss department. Toss in a few low-calorie vegetables in there and you will stay even fuller (thanks to the fiber content).

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While there is not a significant amount of calcium (about four mg) in a cup of bone broth (much to everyone’s surprise), there is a lot of protein! Studies have shown that eating more protein leads to more muscle growth, even if you aren’t going to the gym every day. More muscles mean you’ll be stronger and better able to do the things you need to keep the rest of your body healthy.

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Gut Health

Bone broth contains gelatin, which some people have said can reduce digestive symptoms – everything from heartburn to ‘leaky gut syndrome’. While more studies are required to determine exactly how bone broth can benefit your gut, what we do know for sure is that soup can be a light, easy meal when you don’t want to feel too full or bloated in your belly.

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