4 System 20 Tips for Success (From People Actually on the Plan)

Struggling with some aspects of System 20? These tips can help.

Since Dr. Oz rolled out his new wellness plan, System 20, in the beginning of January, it has been the most engaged-with new year plan on all social platforms — and for good reason. Following System 20 can lower your risk of disease by 20% while also helping you lose weight, gain energy, and get back on track with your sleep schedule. Any new lifestyle plan can take some getting used to, and these System 20 tips from people who have been thriving on the plan can help you get into the groove.

If you’re new to the plan, the concept of System 20 is simple, with only a few rules to follow. Things like meditating in the morning, getting in cardio before eating, and shutting off your phone an hour before bed are simple tenants of the plan. The biggest component is intermittent fasting — eating in an eight-hour window, from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m., which means skipping breakfast. While some have called the idea of skipping breakfast crazy (looking at you, Mark Wahlberg), preliminary research has shown that intermittent fasting may help both your mental and physical health, especially when it comes to those with diabetes.

Whether you have just started System 20, or have been on it for a while, these tips will help you stay successful and continue to help you lower your numbers through 2020.

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If You’re Tired of Eating Beans

On System 20 both your lunch and dinner meals should be comprised of three things: beans, greens, and proteins. While it might be easy to switch out your greens and proteins, you may find it hard to get creative with beans.

Amanda, who is on the System 20 plan, got creative and made salad dressing using beans. She simply added black beans, apple cider vinegar, water, olive oil, Italian seasoning, red pepper flakes, and lime to puree a delicious and flavorful dressing to go on top of her salads.

Another inventive way to use beans has been suggested by System 20 leader, investigative reporter, and regular guest on The Dr. Oz Show, Mara Schiavocampo. She adds beans into her smoothies and has them as a snack. Because beans have a good texture and mild flavor, they’re a great addition to smoothies to make them creamier.

If Giving Up Breakfast Has Been a Struggle

Some people have a hard time giving up breakfast. Others have a hard time drinking black coffee. On System 20, it’s suggested that you do both. So what’s the solution to help you make it through? Spice up your coffee in a way that is System 20-approved. Angel has been on System 20 for a few weeks and has been missing her morning pastry. To solve the problem without breaking fast or adding sugar into her diet, she decided to put a dash of cinnamon and nutmeg in her coffee (along with MCT oil). She then dumps her coffee into a blender and blends until it’s frothy. She says it makes her feel like she got a fancy drink from a coffee shop with minimal effort.

Pro tip: Schiavocampo says blending your coffee is also a perfect solution if you’ve noticed the MCT oil sometimes separates from your hot coffee and forms a greasy film on the top.

If You Don’t Have Time to Meal Prep or Hate to Cook

Not everyone likes to cook, we get it. If you prefer eating out over the stress of cooking and meal prepping, System 20 can seem intimidating. Viewer Carolyn had the same problem, but since she wanted to try System 20, she was determined to make it work for her lifestyle. And guess what? She found a fast-food solution.

When going to a Mexican restaurant, Carolyn says burrito bowls should be your best friend. They are so easy to customize and can easily help you achieve your beans, greens, and proteins goal. Skip the rice, but add beans, greens (lettuce, peppers, etc.), protein, salsa, avocado, and cheese to your bowl.

If you prefer Mediterranean takeout, you’re in luck; hummus can count as a bean! Choose hummus with falafel balls and skip the pita bread. If you’re craving a burger, opt for chili on top of a salad instead. That way, you can still get that delicious meat and cheese flavor with beans and greens added into the mix.

If You’re Still Experiencing a 3 p.m. Slump

Once you have been on System 20 for a while, you might notice an increase in your energy levels. However, if you’re not there yet, giving up caffeine by 3 p.m. every day might still be a struggle for you. If you pass your coffee window and are feeling a little sleepy, have one of these energy balls. You can easily make them in large batches and have a couple during the day to boost your energy levels and satisfy a sweet craving. For more System 20 tips, check back on The Dr. Oz Show and the System 20 page on DoctorOz.com.


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