4-Step Plan for a Healthy Marriage

After nearly 25 years of marriage, Terry Crews and his wife Rebecca have unlocked the secrets to staying healthy with your spouse. Their four-step plan will bring you closer to your partner and help you get fit at the same time!

4-Step Plan for a Healthy Marriage

1. Get Dressed 

When you're a busy wife and mother, it's easy to get stuck in a style rut and let your beauty routines lapse. Instead of reaching for what's comfortable and easy, opt for what makes you feel sexy or beautiful. Throw out your sweats and start your mornings with a little me-time to reclaim your confidence: Do your hair and make-up and get dressed in clothes that make you feel good about yourself! Let your good mood be the motivation you need to work out and take care of yourself. Plus, your husband's appreciation will make it all worth it. 

2. Make Time for Sex

The setting isn't always going to be perfect, and the mood isn't always going to be right, but sex isn't going to happen unless you make it happen. Too tired at night? Try setting an alarm and waking up with some morning sex. Need help getting in the mood? Try lingerie, music or a date night. Just remember that all sex – even sex under less-than-ideal circumstances – will connect you as a couple. 

3. Get Advice

Every marriage has its issues, but it's how you work through those issues that matters. When you run into trouble, ask for help! Go see a counselor or find a friend to confide in. Working through your issues with an outsider can help you see things from a new perspective. Sometimes just listening to how other couples have solved their problems can help you manage yours – even if it's just learning from their mistakes! 

4. Cheat Together

Commit to motivating each other when it comes to weight loss. Start by developing a plan that includes a cheat day. If you cheat together you won't derail each other and you'll be able to hold your partner accountable when you need to be back on track. 

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