4 Spring Cleaning Workout Moves to Try

Clean your house and workout at the same time!

Spring is upon us which means one thing: It’s time for spring cleaning! This year, give cleaning a dual-purpose by getting in some physical activity while doing your chores. The exercises below will not only give you a hardcore workout but will also help refresh your home. Get your house and your body ready for the warm weather with these easy moves.

Vacuum Lunges

Perform a lunge with every step you take with the vacuum. Make sure to switch your legs from right to left and bend them at 90-degree angles for maximum calorie burn.

Dishwasher Squats

Squat every time you place a new item in the dishwasher. Rise from each squat by jumping up as high as you can.

Scrubbing Stretch

Stand with your arms outstretched and your hands on the wall. With a rag in each hand, wipe the walls in vertical and horizontal motions without bending your arms.

Scrubbing Climbers

Take two rags and place one under each foot. Get down in a push-up position and bring in one knee at a time towards your elbow. Repeat, alternating legs, as quickly as you can.

Repeat each rep until your home is sparkly clean!


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