3 Shapewear Tricks to Help You Feel Comfortable & Look Good at the Same Time

Avoid annoying marks and health scares by following these tips.

We all know celebrities swear by shapewear, but it can be a little confusing to know how to rock it for everyday life. Shapewear now comes in undergarments and tops, so knowing which one to buy for your body type can certainly be overwhelming. Luckily, fashion expert Denise Caldwell has all the shapewear tips for comfort and techniques on how to wear it properly.

To get that perfect fit, there are ways to test your shapewear. You can get fitted by a professional, or make sure you're not wearing something that's too small or cut too low. According to Allied Market Research, the compression wear and shapewear market is projected to reach $5,576 million in sales by 2022, largely because women aged 65 and older use shapewear as a tool to treat edema, also known as fluid accumulation in the body's tissues. Shapewear is also becoming more popular in younger women, as celebs like Kardashian family are public about their love for shapewear and Kim Kardashian even plans to drop her own branded line of shapewear this year. 

Even so, it's hard to tell if you're wearing shapewear correctly or not, so check out these tips to ensure you're wearing it safely and properly. 

The Waist-Twist to Prevent Shapewear Roll-Over

Nobody wants rolls in their apparel. After all, shapewear exists to prevent these fashion mishaps from occurring. To make sure your shapewear is right for you, Caldwell has a waist-twist technique to perform on your shapewear to ensure an even wear. After you put your shapewear on, twist side to side. You should notice your shapewear is smooth and flat against your skin. If you see fabric rolls or if the waist of your shapewear cuts into your skin, you need to go up a size. 

According to Bustle, wearing a size that is too small for you may seem wise (after all, it's easy to think the smallest size will be best for a super slim look). But, you won't reap the full benefits of shapewear by reaching for less fabric; one size too small creates bulges and discomforts that can actually make you look bigger. Luckily, Caldwell's tip saves you from a fashion fiasco.

A Leg Check to Avoid Skin Indentations

Skin indentations may be a nuisance, but it can all be prevented by knowing which size of shapewear to pick up at the store. To avoid these unwanted marks, Caldwell advises to start out sitting cross-legged. The band of your shapewear should stay on top of the skin. If the band digs into your skin, you may need to size up or find shapewear with a longer length so it covers more of your leg.

If You Want A Slimmer Stomach, Go For High-Rise

Shapewear comes in high rise, bikini, and full body. Good Housekeeping notes that if you want extra emphasis on that inevitable tummy pouch, a high-waist is the type you need for firming. Not only does it create the look of an hourglass figure, but it also smoothes bulges while keeping everything in place, thanks to a silicon waistband.

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