3 Rules to Remember When Figuring Out Your Dreams

Why are our dreams so crazy and hard to understand? I get asked this question on a daily basis. Dreams seem so off-the-wall because we are looking at them and are trying to understand them with our literal, conscious waking mind when, in fact, dreams are created in our subconscious mind, which speaks in a language of symbols, pictures and emotions instead of words. The key is not to look AT your dream but rather INTO your dream.

As random or bizarre as dreams often seem, they do play by certain rules. Below are 3 of the more important rules to remember when decoding your dreams. When you apply these rules to your dreams, you’ll be surprised how easily the message in your dream reveals itself to you.

1. Dreams Speak in Metaphors
Make it a habit of asking yourself how the characters, the objects, the actions and the settings in your dreams are comparable to yourself and the events in your waking life. How is your dream last night a metaphor for your life right now? Sometimes the metaphor, the figure of speech or the pun in your dream will be as plain as day.

Like a metaphor, your dreams illustrate what’s going on in your life and how you truly feel about it.  When you can find the metaphor, you have found the message.

2. Your Dreams Are Always Connected to the Previous Day  Whatever happens in your life today, whatever thoughts run through your mind, whatever accomplishment you make, whatever conversations you have, whatever frustrates you today is likely to show up in your dreams tonight in some form or fashion.

Be sure to ask yourself how your dream last night reminds you of yesterday. Keeping a day journal in tandem with a dream journal will help you to connect the dots between the imagery in your dream to the events and thoughts and conversations of the previous day. Write down all TV shows, books, etc.  that you read, saw or talked about that day. You never know when the imagery will speak to you in a dream.

3. Your Dreams Are All About You! When we dream, we go inward and focus on the self.  Think about it, your eyes are closed, your room is dark, the outside world is shut off, so YOU go in to yourself and focus on YOU and all the things that YOU are dealing with right now.

Our dreams will show us ourselves in the guise of different people or animals or even objects so that we can gain a better understanding of ourselves and our current behavior.

Everything in your dream is you. The exception to this rule is when you dream of someone you deal with closely on a daily basis, such as your roommate, your spouse, your boyfriend or girlfriend, your children, your co-worker. 

Start with yourself first – how is this creature, this person, this object like me?  If the dots don’t connect, then work outward. How is this creature, this person, this object like my spouse? My best friend?  My child?

When you can identify yourself – or those directly around you – within the characters, objects and creatures in your dream, your dreams will really start making sense.

Remember, dreams are a different language, a symbolic language.  Once you are able to understand your dream language, you will begin to understand yourself and the world around you like never before!

This sort of clarity will help you make better decisions, improve your relationships, avoid obstacles and setbacks… but most importantly, understanding your dream language will keep you on the path you are meant to be on and will reveal to you your purpose in this life.  All the answers you will ever need are already inside of you. Your truest and wisest part of yourself is speaking to you while you dream. Make your dreams your best friend, and keep up the conversation.

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