The 3-Day Summer Teatox

Cleanse your body this summer with a teatox.

Summer is the time of year when people look to shed their weight from the long, cold winter season. A teatox -- detoxing with teas -- is the perfect way to help cleanse your body before the summer season begins so you can look and feel your best. Teas have been used for hundreds of years as a known agent to heal the digestive system, making a teatox both helpful for decreasing bloat and losing weight. Naturopathic doctor, Pina LoGiudice, has come up with the perfect three-day plan for summer. While you won't lose a ton of weight over three days, you will be able to get your bloat under control which, in turn, will help your stomach shrink over time. Check out the plan below and print a copy to keep on your refrigerator.  

How to Get Started: 

To start, you will have to eliminate certain foods from your diet. All eliminated food must be out of your system for a couple of days before you begin the teatox. Any processed foods -- sugar, alcohol, low-fat labels, and gluten -- should be removed from your diet. Go to the grocery store and stock up on good-for-you foods like fresh produce, protein, and healthy fats, in addition to your tea ingredients.

In the Morning: 

Start your day with a cup of licorice root iced tea. Swap your morning coffee drink for tea in order to detox your body. You should eat a small, healthy breakfast as well that is high in protein. Make a big batch of licorice root tea to sip on throughout the day when you get cravings. Licorice root helps to stabilize your blood sugar and shut down hunger cravings. Don't drink it too late in the day though, it could affect your sleep quality.

In the Afternoon: 

Drink a glass of iced oolong tea in the middle of the day. This tea has antioxidants that decrease inflammation in your body. You can have it as a snack before 6 p.m. (due to caffeine) or as your beverage of choice with your lunch. Remember for lunch to eat clean -- no processed foods. 

In the Evening: 

After you've had a light, healthy dinner drink milk thistle tea before going to bed. Bloating is usually a common reason people choose to go on diets, teatoxes, and detoxes. Bloat is normally caused because of a digestive issue or constipation. Milk thistle helps to soothe your stomach and promote healthy digestion. Repeat this whole process for three days and you should see your bloating reduced and feel more comfortable, energized, and healthy. 


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