The 3-Day Digital Detox

If you’re stressed or have trouble sleeping you might want to consider going on a digital detox.

The 3-Day Digital Detox

This three-day digital detox plan from Manoush Zomorodi, the host of WNYC's New Tech City podcast, is designed to cut the extra time you spend browsing the Internet or playing online games in order to improve your health and help you be more present in your surroundings.

Step 1: Dumb Down Your Smartphone

Turn off all of the extra features on your phone to get it back its original purpose – making calls. This means turning off texting, social media, email, alerts and more.

Step 2: Set a Digital Curfew

Stop using your digital devices after dinner. If you need to charge them, do so outside of the bedroom so they’re less likely to interfere with your sleep schedule.

Step 3: Focus on One Window at a Time

Cut down on the number of windows you have open on your devices to eliminate stress. Try using the Pomodoro Method: work on one program at a time for 25 minutes, then switch to the next program. You can also download free apps such as Self-Control for Mac or Cold Turkey for Windows to block websites.

Step 4: Only Charge Your Tablet or Laptop Once a Week

If you only charge your tablet or laptop once per week you’re more likely to ration out your charge, thus limiting the time you spend on them.

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