12 Ways to Enjoy Organic Foods for Less

Learn how to get the most out of your organic food.

Shopping for organic produce and foods doesn't have to break the bank. Stick to your budget and use these smart strategies from the Organic Trade Association.

1. Choose Organic Versions of the Products You Use Most

To get the most benefit for your organic buck, try buying organic versions of the products you use most. Whether that is milk, produce, or ingredients for your favorite weeknight pasta, buying organic will help detoxify your food pantry.

2. Buy in Bulk

Many products are sold at a discounted rate when they are purchased in bulk. Buy more organic and save!

3. Shop In Season, Store for the Off Season

Many products are less expensive when they are purchased in season. Whether you are buying a bathing suit or a bag of Bing cherries, it’s worth it to see what’s in store in terms of deals on seasonal products. Organic produce is more affordable while in season and holds its full nutritional benefits when frozen or stored for enjoying when not in season.

4. Explore Store Brands

More often thought of as "store-brand" or "generic-brand" products, private-label products are a great place to start when you are looking to incorporate more organic foods into your life. Offering staple organic products at prices competitive with nonorganic, brand-name products, stores make buying organic an easy and affordable choice. They have also gone through the same rigorous USDA organic certification procedures as name-brand organic products.

5. Plan for the Month, Not Just the Week

By planning meals as far out as possible, you can curb your costs by finding multiple ways to incorporate organic spices, oils, nuts, dried beans, flours, grains, frozen produce, and other ingredients many times over the month.

6. Cash In on Coupons

Coupons are a great way to save on many of your favorite organic products. Many manufacturers make printable coupons available on their websites or social media websites. You can also ask your organic retailer about other products for which coupons are available.

7. Explore Farm Stands and Farmers Markets

Farm stands and farmers markets are cropping up all over the country, offering competitive prices on a wide range of organic products.

8. Check Out Customer Loyalty Programs

More and more retailers offer rewards programs for customer loyalty. These programs often allow you to earn points based on the purchases you make, which can then be used toward product discounts, free products, or other types of prizes.

9. Use Farmers Market Bucks

Many farmers markets around the country have programs that double SNAP dollars. It’s a great way to access fresh organic fruits and vegetables!

10. Make a Shopping List

We're all tempted to make impulse buys when we're at the grocery store, but doing so can easily bust the budget. Instead, write up a list of the items you need and do your best to stick to it. You'll come home with the things you need and fewer (if any) of the things you don't.

11. Cook at Home

Eating out is a great treat, but doing it all the time can add up. Cooking at home can help you keep your budget in check and encourage you to explore the range of possibilities that exist when using organic ingredients.

12. Shop at Two Destinations

With organic food available at most grocers, consumers now have the opportunity to compare prices at multiple locations. One strategy could be purchasing fresh produce at organic-focused markets, and packaged, canned, and shelf-stable items at larger discount retailers.


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