The Future of Medicine


Modern medicine is constantly adapting, but it takes a real renegade to challenge established notions and bring about change. One such evolution is currently happening in the field of integrative medicine – a combination of Eastern and Western practices. Andrew Weil, M.D. is at the forefront of this movement, educating an army of young physicians to broadcast his message. Get the inside information from Dr. Weil and his team of protégés.

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Expert Articles

  • The Best Skincare Ingredients
    Do you know the best ingredients to look for when purchasing skin care products? Dr. Perricone gives you his take on the key active ingredients for healthy skin.
  • The 5 Foods for Better Health
    Changing your eating habits can do more than trim your waistline. With the right ingredients you can lower your cancer risk and potentially increase your lifespan.

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Want to know how to look marvelous without splurging so much? Dr. Oz invites three beauty experts to share the smartest ways to save money while looking fabulous starting from your hair and makeup tools to the beauty products you use.