7 Easy Ways to Help Support Your Eyesight Every Day

Simple habits to help protect your eyes every day.

7 Easy Ways to Help Support Your Eyesight Every Day

You often think about how to support big parts of your health, like your immune system or brain function. But what about small things like your eyes? When they help you to see and drive, read, write, exercise, cook, craft, and so much more, they play a key role in our overall wellness. So here are seven simple ways you can support your eye health every day.

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Eat the Right Foods

A healthy and balanced diet is important for overall wellness, and certain foods can help support your eye health. Fish rich in omega-3s like tuna and salmon, citrus with vitamin C like grapefruit and orange, leafy greens like spinach and collards, and carrots with vitamin A and beta carotene are just some foods that help support eyesight, according to Medical News Today.