5 Ingredients You Should Add Into Your Smoothie

Upgrade your smoothie with these nutritious add-ins.


Smoothies can be a great source of vitamins and nutrients, especially when you are dieting or trying to lose weight. But making the same smoothie recipes can become mundane and start to taste less flavorful. Up your smoothie game by blending in these nutritious add-ins to make your next smoothie a little more interesting.


Spirulina is a blue-green algae powder is a great source of iron and can help give you an energy boost. Spirulina can help your body burn sugar so it does not get stored as fat. It is nutrient-dense and supports your immune system because it is loaded with amino acids, antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins.

Protein Powder

Whether you are looking to build muscle or are on a meat-free diet, adding protein powder to your smoothie is a resourceful way to help you increase your protein intake. Protein is responsible for helping to build, maintain, and repair muscle, so it’s important to have enough of it in your diet. You should be eating five to six ounces of protein per day to keep your metabolism going. There are a variety of brands and flavors to choose from, but it is important you research which protein supplement is right for you: The protein powder you choose depends on your dietary needs.


While at first glance it may not seem like the obvious choice to add into a smoothie, this trendy fruit is nutritious and loaded with healthy fats that can help nourish your body and improve your cholesterol. Plus, blending avocado into your smoothiewill give it a thick, creamy consistency.

Almond Butter

Lower in calories than peanut butter, almond butter is a great add-in that is high in fiber and protein. It’s ideal for smoothies because its texture acts as a thickener to give your smoothie the perfect, creamy texture. This nut butter is low in carbohydrates and has a low-calorie count which makes it great for people who are looking to enjoy smoothies while on a diet. Just be mindful of the serving size to avoid racking up the calories you are trying to cut out.

Hemp Seeds

Give your smoothie a bit of texture by blending in or topping it off with hemp seeds. Hemp seeds are packed with protein and amino acids. One serving of hemp seed contains a little more protein than an egg and can easily be added to any smoothie. These seeds also contain essential fatty acids such as omega-3s as well as vitamin E. Incorporating hemp seeds into your smoothies is an easy way to get all of those nutritious benefits in a single sip.


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