Giada De Laurentiis' 3-Day Reboot Meal Plan

She's known for decadent Italian dishes, but sometimes she needs a little reset

Giada De Laurentiis' 3-Day Reboot Meal Plan
Giada De Laurentiis' 3-Day Reboot Meal Plan
Giada De Laurentiis' 3-Day Reboot Meal Plan

Giada De Laurentiis is known for making some of the most decadent Italian dishes. But sometimes, she needs a little reset. So she created an easy meal plan to get her back on track — quick.

The 3-Day Reboot Meal Plan

When Giada's cravings — and indulgences — get a little crazy, she resets her system with this simple plan. She told Dr. Oz it helps her sleep better and longer, wake up with more energy, nix the brain fog she'd feel by the end of the day and reduce uncomfortable bloating.

"It's all of those things. I felt lighter, taller, clearer in my mind, and more energy, and that's when I realized even three days of this, it really helps. I feel like if you can get through that, then you can slowly start introducing your favorite things back in small amounts," she said.

Giada targets all her problem areas by following this focused regimen — that doesn't sacrifice flavor.

3 Meals a Day With Green Veggies

Eat three meals each of the three days. Focus on green veggies, and add as many as you want to your meal! Dr. Oz loves kale, and other great choices include spinach, broccoli, Brussell sprouts, Swiss chard and peas. Add plant-based protein, such as nuts or beans, to round out the meal.

Giada said breakfast could be a smoothie, scrambled eggs with asparagus or other green, or chia seed pudding, which you can make the night before.

"In the morning you've got this lovely, decadent breakfast item loaded with fruits, especially berries, which I think are fantastic, and Marcona almonds, which I love because they're cooked in olive oil and salt. They give you richness, so you don't feel you're going to starve the rest of the day and you feel full," she said.

For lunch, try white beans with sauteed broccoli rabe. Beans are a "great source" of protein that's filling, Giada said.

"You feel you're eating. The thing that I always felt a lot of these reboots would do is that you had to have a lot of just basically soups or just plain shakes or smoothies. I can't live on liquid only. I need food to sustain myself," she said.

Add: Animal Protein, a Carb & a Healthy Fat to 1 Meal Each Day

Choose one meal each day and add an animal protein, a carb and a healthy fat. Giada likes to have her animal protein for dinner, but you can have it with breakfast or lunch, too! She goes for a salmon fillet poached in olive oil, a healthy fat, with tons of greens.

"It's very rich and filling and you can make several pieces at a time and leave it in the fridge and just pull it out as you want it," Giada said.

For the carb, Giada likes quinoa, brown rice or sweet potato.

"I only do a half-cup. ... A half-cup is really where I tell you to stop so that you limit the amount of carbs, but you still get them. You feel satiated and you go to bed happy," she explained.

Avoid: Red Meat & Processed Foods

Giada said to stick to lean animal protein, which includes chicken, turkey and fish. And stay away from processed foods.

"I really believe anything bagged is just it's technically processed foods. ... I would also limit nuts. Maybe just take it a step back on having a lot of nuts, only because they're very difficult on digestion. They make your system work harder. I would say no processed foods, no chips and no bagged. Anything really. Then I just think processed foods are just loaded with fats and sugars that are hidden," she said.

Meanwhile, Giada also avoids dairy and sugar for these three days. If you need to sweeten something, try using coconut sugar or maple syrup — anything but that classic refined white sugar.

And, sorry to say, no alcohol for these three days either.

Remember: Hydrate!

Giada makes sure to drink 12 cups each day of water. But it doesn't have to be boring! You can flavor your water with some of those delicious green veggies, like celery or cucumber.

Here's how she makes a refreshing celery cooler: "Celery is a great anti-inflammatory, detoxer, and it hydrates you. It allows your cells to actually absorb the water better than even plain water. You can put it in the blender, some lemon, and some salt, and some water. It's so simple. Easy thing to do."

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